Benefits of A Hand Controlled Trolling Motor

A hand controlled trolling motor is just one of the tools used by anglers. Trolling motors can be hugely valuable tool for fisherman of all sorts. Pro Controll has the expertise and competence you expect when dealing with a fishing company. Pro Controll exists because two avid anglers forged a lifelong friendship while fishing the small lakes of Wyandotte County, and continue to bring the best to entire United States! Check out Pro Controll’s very own hand controlled trolling motor and what the benefits are!

Trolling motors are used to maneuver different kinds of boats, including canoe, kayak, bass boat, and all-purpose fishing boats, bay, or flatboats, and so on. These motors will push your boat at slow speeds, quietly, and can also steer the boat in your preferred direction. Trolling motors are electrically powered, and often controlled either with foot pedals, hand controls, or simply manually changing the direction of the motor. If you’re not sure whether you’re after a foot control or hand controlled trolling motor, make the decision easier by asking yourself some of these questions before you buy:

  • What type of fishing do you like and spend the most time doing? – Trolling along the shoreline? A hand control will be better suited for that purpose. Puttering around the estuaries? You’ll need excellent maneuverability around obstacles. You need a foot control.
  • Which boats are best suited for a hand control? Hand controlled trolling motors are perfect for small boats like a Jon boat, or even a kayak or canoe.

Typically, a hand-controlled trolling motor is the preferred mount for most common fishermen. Transom mounts are easy-to-use, and generally the least expensive type of trolling motor. This is usually done by a simple clamping bracket. Some advantages of hand-controlled trolling motors include:

  • An instantaneous real-time response
  • A clear deck, no pedals and cable laying around to get tangled up in or trip over
  • The benefit of choice. Either a transom-mounted or engine mounted motor which you can drive from a comfortable seat
  • The less expensive trolling motor option
  • Easy installation and removal from boat

When it comes to hand-controlled trolling motors, Pro Controll is committed to producing reliable, durable, and affordable products that will help everyone be able to fish like the pros. In today’s world, that means fishing with a trolling motor that helps you to position your boat precisely and to hold it in place in wind or current. If you have any questions about our products, reach out today! We are native to Kansas City, but we do our best to reach all anglers in all states! We’re not kidding when we say we want you to have the “Freedom to fish how you want!” Contact us today by calling (913) 721-9800 or utilize our online option!

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