EZ Mount and Other Accessories Offered by Pro Controll

An EZ Mount for your trolling motor will make your fishing experience even better. Several types of fishing boats, especially bass boats and bay boats/flats boats, have electric trolling motors. We’ve developed a more affordable solution for the professional fishing market. Find out why our EZ Mount is great for you by reading this article.

Richard Mynster; self-taught engineer/inventor believed everyone should have the ability to fish like the pros whether they could afford a fancy bass boat or – like most normal people – they were limited to an affordable jon boat or utility boat. The first product Pro Controll developed was a foot control adapter for transom mounted trolling motors. It allowed fishermen to steer and fish at the same time. It was a great product; however, it was costly to produce. As bow-mounted trolling motors became the “gold standard”, RM Industries rotated to produce EZ Mount – a more affordable solution that made for even better trolling.

The Pro Controll EZ Mount mounts to the bow of many Jon or Utility boat with gunnels less than three inches wide and one inch deep. Then you mount your trolling motor to the EZ Mount the same as you would the transom of the boat. There are several other accessories offered as well, such as:

  • 60 AMP Trolling Motor Circuit Breaker – 60 AMP Circuit Breaker is for protecting your trolling motor from damage caused by over-current/overload or short circuit
  • Pro Controll EZ Stand – Pro Controll EZ Stand is a Professional Universal Transom Mount Storage Stand made for Hand Controlled Trolling Motors. Fits All Hand Controlled Trolling Motors of various sizes.
  • Pro Controll Wire Harness – Quick Connect Trolling Motor Battery Harness Kit, for 12, 24- and 36-Volt Systems, Includes 20 Foot 8 Gauge AWG Marine Grade Wires, 60 AMP Breaker, Wire Loom & More
  • Trolling Motor Battery Quick Connectors – Heavy-Duty 2-Wire 8-Gauge Waterproof Trolling Motor Quick Connectors for your Battery. You can equip your trolling motor with this safe, waterproof, quick disconnect system includes all components you need to easily remove or install your motor without tools. Our Heavy-duty 8-gauge tin plated marine wire is designed for situations where a plug and socket cannot be used.

Our company is committed to producing reliable, durable, and affordable products that will help everyone to fish like the pros. In todays world, that means fishing with a bow-mounted trolling motor that helps you to position your boat precisely and to hold it in place in wind or current. And with the help of our EZ Mount – you’ll be on your way to the pros in no time!

If you have any questions about our EZ Mount or any of the products we offer, reach out today! We are native to Kansas City, but we would love to reach southern states below the Mason Dixon line as well as anywhere else in the US! We’re not kidding when we say we want you to have the “Freedom to fish how you want!” Contact us today by calling (913) 721-9800 or utilize our online option!

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