Our Mount for Trolling Motor Provides Freedom for You

With our universal EZ Mount trolling motor mount you can move any hand controlled trolling motor to the bow of your boat with ease. Our Pro Controll EZ Mount is an accessory mount for hand-controlled transom mount trolling motors that allows for quick and easy mounting of your hand-controlled trolling motor to the bow of your boat. The EZ Mount will make your fishing experience even better – because it allows you the freedom to fish how you want!

The EZ Mount is completely assembled and easily attaches to a boat with gunnels less than three inches wide and one inch deep (please watch our instructional video https://youtu.be/4xnN7GEo2UU ). It is designed to provide a secure and stable mounting option that can be easily removed when not in use. When the mount is not in use, it can be quickly and easily be removed from the boat and stored. The EZ Mount is compatible with all hand-controlled trolling motors and can be used on a variety of boats.

Our EZ Mount for trolling motor can be considered superior for several reasons: (See brochure attached)

  • Convenience: The EZ Mount allows for quick and easy attachment and detachment of the trolling motor from the boat, this can save time and effort, especially when moving from spot to spot while fishing.
  • Security: The EZ Mount provides a secure and stable mounting option for the motor, reducing the risk of it coming loose or falling off during use. This can help prevent damage to the motor and boat, as well as increase safety while on the water.
  • Versatility: The EZ Mount for trolling motor is compatible with most boats. This makes it a versatile and flexible option that can be used in different situations and environments.
  • Space-saving: When the trolling motor is not in use, the EZ Mount allows for easy removal and storage. Freeing up space on the boat and allowing for unimpeded movement and access to other areas of the boat.

Richard Mynster; self-taught engineer/inventor believed everyone should have the ability to fish like the pros whether they could afford a fancy bass boat or – like most people who are limited to an affordable jon boat or utility boat. The first product Pro Controll developed was a foot control adapter for transom mounted trolling motors. It allowed fishermen to steer and fish at the same time. It was a great product; however, it was costly to produce. As bow-mounted trolling motors became the “gold standard”, RM Industries rotated to produce EZ Mount – a more affordable solution that made for even better trolling. Here are some frequently asked questions about the EZ Mount:

  • What is the maximum gunnel or top rail width that the mount will fit over?
    • 3″ inches
  • How far below the top rail or gunnel are the clamp screws?
    • 1.125” inches to the top of the clap screws.
  • What is the overall length?
    • 9.38 inches
  • What brand trolling motors work on this bracket?
    • Any transom mount trolling motor works on this bracket regardless of brand.
  • What is the maximum thrust motor that can be used on this bracket?
    • Up to 80 lbs. thrust.
  • Does the mount require assembly?
    • No.

Our company is committed to producing reliable, durable, and affordable products that will provide help to every angler. If you have any questions about our EZ Mount or any of our products, reach out to our representatives today! You can watch our informative video on the EZ Mount for trolling motor here as well; EZ Mount.  We are centrally located in Kansas City, and ship nationwide! We’re not kidding when we say we want you to have the “freedom to fish how you want!” Contact us today by calling (913) 721-9800 or utilize our online option! We look forward to improving your fishing experience!

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