ProControll EZ Mount Puts Transom Trolling Motor on Front or Side

There’s no question that an electric trolling motor on a fishing boat provides many advantages for quiet, controlled maneuverability and positioning. What has been the dilemma over the years is that not all boats allow placement of the trolling motor exactly where anglers want it to be; sometimes, there’s not even a good place to mount a trolling motor at all. That’s no longer the case, thanks to ProControll.

New from ProControll is the EZ Mount universal bracket that can be mounted virtually anywhere on a boat for use with most makes and models of transom mount trolling motors.

The EZ Mount looks and works like a traditional transom mount U-bracket that overlaps a bow or gunnel edge and is then secured in place by screw clamps. What makes it so versatile in where it can go is its unique and adjustable underside exterior bracket that can be snugged up against any contour. With the lower bracket secured on the outside of the boat and the screw clamps tightened on the inside of the boat, the EZ Mount is ready and solid to receive a trolling motor just like fitting it on a transom.

he EZ Mount is ideal for installing a trolling motor to the bow or side of any utility or jon boat. Installation is simple and fast, requiring only an adjustable wrench to fit the two 9/16″ screw clamps and the 7/16″ lower bracket adjustment. Bolt heads, instead of T-knobs, are used to accommodate placement right up against casting decks or other spaces where clearance is marginal. Plus, wrench tightening is always a better option than cold or wet hands. Once in place, the mount allows all the functionality and convenience of the trolling motor itself.

The EZ Mount measures 9.5″L x 6.75″W x 9″H. It weighs approximately 4 pounds.

The mount’s construction is strong, rustproof fiberglass reinforced nylon to withstand all the rigors of use in the harsh marine environment. All metal parts are stainless steel or zinc plated for protection against corrosion. The ProControll EZ Mount is designed to outlast the trolling motor.

“When working on this design, I tried the EZ Mount on just about every kind of aluminum boat I could find on boat lots and boat ramps,” said inventor Richard Mynster. “The 3″ bite of this mount fits on everything I’ve seen, new and old.”

Mynster also developed the original ProControll product, which has been on the market for more than one year. The ProControll is also an adaptable system for transom mount trolling motors, turning the hand-controlled models into foot-steering systems with selectable continuous-run or momentary on/off operation.

The versatile EZ Mount sells for around $59, click here to purchase.

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